PRODUCT FIRST - Amazon Bestseller Book

Discover how to propel your organization into a future of innovation and accelerated value delivery with our bestselling book, "Product First."

In an increasingly customer-centric world, traditional, project-centric companies often find themselves trailing behind, unable to quickly adapt and respond to customer needs. The solution?

A paradigm shift towards a product-led organization.


"Product First" chronicles the journey of a fictional company that undertakes this transformation. From defining the roadmap to full implementation, this book lays out the successful pivot from project-centric to product-led business.

What Will You Learn With This Book

After reading this book will you have a good understanding of the Pillars that you must have in place in order to perform a successful Digital Transformation and build a Digital Product Company


How To Approach Customers In The Digital Era
The Approach pillar will measure your company’s capability to educate, inspire and generate leads for your digital product. You cannot have a product company without a continuous flow of leads coming into your sales pipeline.


How To Use Data To Improve Your Business
The Data pillar will measure your company’s capability to organize and have a better understanding of your customer's habits and reactions to your product. You cannot have a product company without understanding how the customers are using your product.


How To Build An Agile Organization
The Agility Pillar exists to transform software development organizations into agile, flexible, and fast digital operational companies, resulting in improved time-to-market. You cannot have a product company without working in a very agile and flexible way.


How To Build A Digital Product Strategy
The Product pillar exists to Improve the odds of success by learning to design a winning product strategy, develop viable business models, and discover the right product for the right audience. You cannot have a product company without a solid strategy product strategy in place.


How To Build A Fast And Flexible Company
The Transform pillar exists to help you to restructure your organization in order to create an organization that is optimized for speed, innovation, alignment, and knowledge sharing by breaking hierarchies. You cannot have a product company if not designed for the digital era.


Digital Product Framework
The ADAPT Methodology® is a unique Digital Product Development framework to change traditional project-centric companies toward product-led companies! Society changed and leaders need support to adapt their companies to the digital era, that is the reason why the ADAPT Methodology® was created!